Atlas is founded by Carlos Callejo and Jordy Vos after gaining extensive experience in renowned architectural practices in The Netherlands. 
We believe in the idea of exploring architecture as an area of activity at the intersection of several disciplines. 
We strive to develop an Atlas of places through our body of work.


Atlas - Team

Carlos Callejo

Prior to founding Atlas, Carlos worked at Space Encounters and Barcode Architects building up a comprehensive knowledge of the architectural culture of The Netherlands. During this time he has gained extensive experience in the design process, working in a wide range of typologies and scales. Carlos holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Navarra where he graduated with Honours.


Partner at Atlas Architects


Architect at Barcode Architects


Architect at Space Encounters


MSc. University of Navarra, Architecture

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Jordy Vos

Jordy has always combined the practice of architecture with a passion for entrepreneurship. Prior to founding Atlas, he has built a wide range of projects at Space Encounters while setting up an imagery studio Parallel. As founder Jordy has developed Parallel to a successful company now operating internationally. Jordy holds a Master of Architecture from the Delft University of Technology.


Partner at Atlas Architects


Founder at Parallel


Sr. project architect at Space Encounters


MSc. TU Delft, Architecture


BSc. RMIT Melbourne, Architecture


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